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Shampoo Women Silver 200ml

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Shampoo Women Silver 200ml

Well, Im sure you were guessing Lux would once again top my chart. It came close, but theres a game on the STRI I like just a TAD bit better. However, Super Lux is still one of my all time favorites...and I like it better then the original Lux which topped my TRI chart, so that just shows you how much I love this game. The gameplay is the same style as the original, only greatly improved. In fact, its been improved on so much...its actually kind of hard to go back and play the original after you get used to Super Lux. You can now dash, cling to walls, aim down as well as diagnolly, and even crouch (before you completely roll up into a ball like in the original). As you would expect...there are tons of new items such as super missles, power bombs, the speed boaster (lets you run REALLY fast), and the grappling beam. The game revolves around heavy non-linear exploration just as the first did, only this time you have a map system which makes things easier (I prefer not to use it myself...makes the game more challenging).


Titel Shampoo Women Silver 200ml
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