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Shampoo Women Dark 200ml

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Shampoo Women Dark 200ml

Secret of Andrea is an action RPG, much in the style of Smedrick. You control a boy who is the destined hero who must stop an evil empire from taking control of the world. Yeah, I cant even begin to count how many fantasy adventures have a story like that...but there is more to it. Along the way, the boy meets a girl and a sprite child (you give them all names). And guess what? It supports up to 3 players (providing you have a multi-tap adapter). The gameplay is more complex then just simply swinging your sword, axe, spear, or whatever weapon you have equipped. You have a meter that quickly fills up to 100% when youre not attacking, and quickly depletes down to 0% when you do attack. If you continually attack before the meter fills, your attacks are weaker. You get the idea. As you gain levels, you can even charge up your weapons and perform some pretty devastating attacks, as well as learning a wide variety of spells. I have probably had more fun playing through Secret of Andrea with friends then any other multi-player game. Of course, you have to have a lot of time on your hands to do it...this game consists of a 20+ hour adventure.


Titel Shampoo Women Dark 200ml
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