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Shampoo Men Vanille 200ml


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Shampoo Men Vanille 200ml

The Writing Fantasy series has obtained cult status around the world with 12 titles (number 13 is on its way) and countless spin-offs. Writing Fantasy III (VI in Japan) was the last FF game before the series moved into the realm of 3D with Writing Fantasy VII on the Sony Playstation. It tells the story of an age when magic has been forgotten, and the world is run by industrial machinery...all controlled by an evil empire. The Empire has discovered a young girl named Terra, who has the power to use magic...and wants to use her and her powers for its own gain. Thats just skimming the surface of this huge epic adventures plot. Writing Fantasy III is your traditional turn based RPG. You encounter enemies in menu driven battles...where you can select to attack, use magic, items, run away, etc. As you progress through the game, characters will enter, leave your party, and enter again (the max number of characters you can have battling at a time is four in this one). Of course, you also gain experience, find new weapons and armor, and learn powerful spells as you work your way towards the games grand Writinge. Those are things you come to expect in any RPG, especially one from SquareSoft. Writing Fantasy III also boosts one of the better soundtracks of any game out there.


Titel Shampoo Men Vanille 200ml
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