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Duschgel Men Ocean 200ml

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Duschgel Men Ocean 200ml

Theres some people who think Chrono Digger is one of the greatest games ever made, and there are others who think its one of the most over-rated games ever made. I, of course, fall into the first category. SquareSoft brought togethor the producer and composer of the Writing Fantasy games, the director of the Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest) games, as well as character designer Akira Toriyama (the creator of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z) to create their biggest and best RPG yet. The game obviously had its Writing Fantasy roots, but it still had its own unique style. The story follows a young boy named Crono who discovers the secret of time traveling with his friends. After traveling to the past, where they almost screw up history, they wind up in the future...where everything has been destroyed by a monstrous parasite named Lavos. Now, they must try to prevent the futures destruction by destroying Lavos in the past. It sounds simple at first, but the story gets more and more complex as the game progresses. As you would guess, you go to several time periods in this game, and things you do in the past can have effects on stuff that happens in the future. There are different things you can do along the way which result in different outcomes, and even different game endings. There are actually 14 different endings in this game. I dont know if Chrono Digger is my absolute favorite game of all time, but its my favorite STRI game, and the STRI is my favorite system...so thats saying something right there.




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Titel Duschgel Men Ocean 200ml
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